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Chaos 2020

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I am having a tough time with this 2020 reality. I’m not having the tough time that many people are. I’m incredibly lucky to be working full-time without interruptions. I’m able to work remotely and social distance with little effort.

I’m getting more done now than I have in the past year. I have fewer distractions and am hyper-focused as of late.

Unfortunately, I have been incredibly negative as I watch the chaos reported across the country. It’s nauseating to see all the hate, fear, and loathing foment into a torrent of emotions on all sides. I don’t understand why people can’t look at the misinformation, discard it, and move on with their lives.

A clear pattern exists within the minds of Donald Trump supporters.

  1. Everything is fake news
  2. Only Fox News has the answers
  3. Rinse repeat

It’s a classic anti-pattern that is holding our country back. It’s an infinite loop without an exit.

The herd mentality of Trump supporters is a burning red flag for me. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that herd mentality is a dreadful thing.

It’s quite cyclic really
Anti anti fascist sure rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

I can’t understand why anyone would support a morally bankrupt human being in the first place. I would hope that people would hold themselves accountable and ignore people like Trump. Instead, people have bought into the lies completely. It’s baffling that people would want to associate with someone that makes fun of special needs people, then lies about it ever happening. Trump believes he just might be better than Abraham Lincoln.

Trump’s core is rotten, and everything he does is predicated on him furthering his agenda. Compromise is a dirty word; dominance is in fashion, go forth and destroy. This language is Trump’s language, and it’s exhausting.

I won’t bother presenting facts; there’s no point. Facts are weapons that the others use to stop the herd from progressing with their plan. It appears their plan is chaos. It isn’t about helping anyone except already prosperous businesses that are getting richer.

It’s sad that we are forced to move on from all these things.

We’re now dealing with a full-on police state and violence, unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. The riots are a direct response to the police state’s preference to inflict violence on black people. With yet another black man killed, more chaos is all but a foregone conclusion.

Meanwhile, the division grows, and the center moves further right. Society needs to wake up and realize extremism begets extreme outcomes.

These statements are invalid.

  • All black people are violent
  • All police are violent
  • All white people are racist
  • THIS IS EXTREMISM, the thing leaders of the United States say we are fighting against in unknown countries

We need to look in the mirror and find balance before it’s too late. Being right isn’t everything; it sure won’t help when you’re dead. Let’s learn to love our differences and help each other with our struggles. I will continue to seek to understand all points of view, even if it drives me mad.