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Fascism, a warning

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Citizens of the United States are living in a time where reason has taken a back seat, and facts have become the enemy. Luckily, other countries are fighting the good fight by sticking to the facts.

I wish the figurehead in The Whitehouse in 2020 had a capacity for reason. Unfortunately, narcissists cannot employ logic in their daily lives. If a person likens himself with Abraham Lincoln, who also had skeletons in his closet, it’s clear that their ego has inflated beyond repair.


The figurehead has a history of praising dictators. He would prefer to have free reign to do anything he wants for fun and profit. Luckily, a constitutional republic has a fighting chance against aspiring dictators like the figurehead. The United States is stress testing its constitutional framework in extraordinary ways. Hopefully, it will come out of this test, ready to fight another day.


Protesters have filled the streets in the United States for a good reason. Black people die at the hands of police officers 3.5 times more than white people. People can look at those stats and say a multitude of small-minded statements, but those statements don’t save lives.

Historically black people have been dealt a horrible hand of cards. Let’s not forget that race does not exist, and people that treat people differently based on their skin have lost their ability to reason.

Political leaders must address the systemic attacks on black people to end the protest and riots. These leaders do not do enough to curb the behavior, and law enforcement representatives are not held accountable. The treatments of black people and white people are imbalanced, full stop.


Portland, Oregon, is overrun with a fascist group of people intent on winning political points for the figurehead. If you are reading this and alarm bells are not going off, it’s time to educate yourself; this is a life or death matter. Many people will die, way more than COVID19 has killed, if we do not combat the propaganda spread by the figurehead’s administration.


The figurehead’s administration has neutered the CDC. It makes zero sense to stop the flow of information about the virus, especially during a pandemic. Data has been removed from the CDC website because of this action by the administration. If alarm bells are going off in your head, then please get your alarms checked. It won’t be long before more information is neutered in the name of efficiency.

Warning Signs

Dictators tactics include the following.

  • Ignoring the law
  • Cult of personality
  • Suspension of civil liberties
  • Repression of political opponents
  • Proclamation of a state of emergency
  • Rule by decree

It’s difficult to detect fascism; we must prepare ourselves for a fight or go down in history as a second cautionary tale. People flash white power signs in the form of an OK expression regularly. White nationalists have co-opted the OK sign to express solidarity with each other in the public. Questionable symbols are used by the Trump campaign with America Firstas the chosen catchphrase.

Using symbols that look like nazi symbols is not an expression of freedom, it is a clear expression of hate. America First, as a slogan, is ignorant since the figurehead is running for President of the United States and not president of a continent called America.

The figurehead is winning; if winning means, you’re the most consistent liar with the most lies. He is winning with over eight hundred lies in a single month meant to stir up his cult and mobilize them to vote and fight for the aspiring dictator.

When people are fine with a Liar in Chief lying every single day to the republic but still support him, another red flag has raised. If figurehead supporters accept any lie from him, then they won’t believe any of these words.


We are at a crossroads. If enough U.S. citizens decide to vote for a fascist, the entire world will suffer. It won’t be pretty whether the figurehead loses or wins. We know what fascism looks like, and we know a flag is involved.