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Iron Fists

It’s open season on Freedom. We can only hope for a purple wave.

We are living in a police state.

Recorded on July 25th, 2020, in downtown Portland, this is what is happening in the United States.

Navy vets, like Chris David, are beaten on the street for asking why fascists are being fascists.

Vietnam veterans, like Mike Hastie, are being pepper-sprayed for providing valuable free history lessons.

There are hundreds of blatant attacks like this being posted by concerned citizens on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

We are witnessing fascism unfold before our very eyes. The talking heads at Fox News are giving airtime to the “acting” homeland security head Chad Wolf, who insists he is protecting a federal building and nothing more. Statements like these are lies and continue to fan division amongst U.S. citizens.


Vandalism is not terrorism; killing black people with a boot on their neck is terrorism. Inanimate objects are not so important that people need to be gassed and beaten to understand how important they are. People are dead everywhere in the United States, thanks to police brutality. The answer to more police brutality is not more police brutality. The answer is police reform and making law enforcement officers accountable for killing people on purpose.

The Purple Wave

We are seeing several Republican and Conservative groups come out in support of Joe Biden.

Republicans need to listen to this Conservative.

Republicans need to listen to this Republican.

Donald Trump is a wretched human being. If someone supports him, they are saying they don’t care about anyone. If they support Trump, they are endorsing hate, chaos, and division. Our current discourse is about ethics, not politics. The 2020 election is not political; it is an election that will determine the moral compass of the country for decades to come if we can even make it another decade.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against freedom and a vote against moral constitution.

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