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The Restitching of America

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This morning, at two in the morning, I was reading an opinion piece about the unraveling of america written by Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and my high functioning anxiety is the reason I am awake now, writing this at three in the morning.

I’ve watched powerlessly, as the figurehead in The Whitehouse continues to stoke the flames of division in my country. My country no longer feels like my home; it feels like brainwashed zealots have stolen it. It feels like we’re at a precipice, and it feels like we all need to step up. I’m having a lot of feelings, along with my friends in these uncertain times.

It has been some time since I started engaging in deep self-reflection. It has helped me immensely and is a cornerstone of my self-development efforts. A large part of us is beginning to reflect on the state of our social contract. The Coronavirus is forcing many of us to stop and think about everything.

When I started self-reflecting, it wasn’t easy. It took years to recognize the ways I was limiting myself. Many of my habits were self-destructive and thwarted most of my self-improvement efforts. I’m happy to say that most of the epic battles are over, and I feel in tune with the world now. My fear is diminished, my strength is way up, and I’m ready to take on the planet.

Fortunately, with my improved outlook, my resolve is firm. I’m political on Facebook, and my friends gracefully suffer through my posts. I’m trying not to go off the rails and turn every post into a rant about the figurehead. I’m doing my best to maintain my sanity during this pandemic, like many others. I’m feeling the cabin fever, much like George R.R. Martin is, and I’m writing a lot as well.

How can the rest of the world expect America to lead on global threats — climate change, the extinction crisis, pandemics — when the country no longer has a sense of benign purpose, or collective well-being, even within its own national community? Flag-wrapped patriotism is no substitute for compassion; anger and hostility no match for love.

Written by Wade Davis, Rolling Stone Magazine

It’s this quote that I find the most striking and authentic. To be clear, I don’t believe everything in the article. I believe some of the sentiment, but I don’t think it’s all negative. We do need to unravel because many of us are wound up and ready for a fight.

We need to start looking within, and we need to take advice from our allies and friends. The United States has lost its balance and doesn’t embrace the center enough. Our middle class is shrinking, and the rich are bursting with wealth and power. We do not need to look any further than the machinations of the current leaders in The Whitehouse to see how divided and imbalanced we are.

I have a tough time understanding why people have difficulty helping fellow citizens. I work at a company that values the team and is continually working towards bringing everyone together. I see a large amount of introspection, thoughtful discussion, and progress. It is inspiring, but at the same time, it’s like looking out the window of an upscale mansion next to the most dangerous gang-infested street on the planet. I can only hope that other companies are working to bring people together and that we’re ready for the fight ahead.

I’ve realized that I can’t sit idly by while Rome burns. I won’t be passive, and I won’t watch from the sidelines anymore. I love the United States; it is my homeland; it is full of diverse thoughts and ideas. It’s full of inspiring inventions and innovative theories. I could author an article solely about how much I love our country. It has its flaws, like every country, but it’s my country, and I won’t give it up without a fight.

I’ve started a movement grounded in the middle, grounded in facts, and grounded in science. I’m looking for likeminded individuals to become part of a collective of independent thinkers with one purpose.

To counter lies that threaten the stability of the United States with facts, reason, and science.

The Vision of Save The Republic

The principles of our charter are truth, temperance, and power.

We will

  • Use the truth to push us towards the middle.
  • Employ temperance to keep our heads about us.
  • Take the power we need to wrestle our country back.
  • Share ideas and work as a team.
  • We will Save The Republic.

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We have the power, we don’t realize it yet, it’s time to wake up and take the power back.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Let’s take a stand.