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The Real Reason They Want You To Hate Trump

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Learn the real reason you want to hate Trump narrated by a traditionalist Christian news organization named The Remnant and directed by a cradle catholic, Michael Matt, whose father founded it in 1968.

Religion is dangerous when dogma is established, and reason cannot penetrate it. It’s safe to say that The Remnant adheres to and promotes dangerous religious dogma. Fundamentalist Christians justify voting for Trump on one hand yet condemn people for sinning on the other hand by using dogma as leverage.

Once you’ve watched the video, you will see fear used as a weapon to convince U.S. citizens to vote for Trump. Fear is the knife that punctures the skin of voters and compels them to vote for an incompetent, ignorant, bullying, lying, narcissistic, bigot.

I don’t like Trump, I do care, and it does matter.

It’s difficult to know where to start with this video. It’s packed with fear, conspiracies, and divisive speech. I’ll start by illustrating the core issues.

The Great Reset

Humanity needs a Great Reset. Look around us, and you’ll see the chaos, the inequality, and the adherence to old systems that no longer work in a globalized world. It’s unlikely that any reset will truly gain any traction given the fact that we can barely get everyone to agree on which project to do at most companies.

Michael Matt believesThe Great Reset is a rebranding of The New World Order. The New World Order sounds ominous but the truly ominous aspect of it is how it is wrapped up in religious dogma.

Prince Charles is one of the leaders of The Great Reset and has laid out these plans to address the problems.

  1. Restore balance with the natural world
  2. Invest in nature-based solutions to help restore balance

Prince Charles has been trying to organize global change to address climate change for around thirty-eight years. Charles looks at the world as the body of a patient and believes it needs treatment and restoration of balance. He believes that we have the solutions at hand with renewable energy and resilient land use techniques.

In support of these goals Charles listed these five strategies at the World Economic Forum.

  1. Capture the imagination of humanity
  2. Create sustainable employment and rethink existing employment systems
  3. Redesign systems and pathways to advance net zero transitions globally
  4. Reinvigorate science, technology, and innovation
  5. Rebalance investment for sustainable outcomes

It’s difficult to believe that we have a seventy-four-year-old U.S. President destroying the United States. It’s also difficult to believe that a seventy-year-old man has an agenda for world domination and intends to destroy the United States. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most respected people on the planet, and with a mother like that, it’s hard to believe that the apple fell far from the tree.

Skepticism goes hand in hand with any new global order. The specter of past world wars caused by fascism instills a healthy fear of central control. On the other hand, zero cooperation to restore nature’s balance will end with the extinction of humanity in one way or another.

Climate change is causing new viruses to emerge, and the rate at which viruses arrive is accelerating. Conspiracy theorists, like Michael Matt, are contributing to the fear that pushes us away from things like the Paris Climate Accord and other attempts to address climate change.

The diseases may have always been there, buried deep in wild and remote places out of reach of people. But until now, the planet’s natural defense systems were better at fighting them off.

 Abrahm Lustgarten – ProPublica

The Apocalypse

Donald J. Trump had this to say at the World Economic Forum.

“This is not a time for pessimism. This is a time for optimism. To embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial profits of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers,”

Donald J. Trump

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that humans cause climate change.

The United States is the leading country working on bringing about the Apocalypse by way of God’s only son Jesus.

It’s A Dangerous Country

It is a dangerous country right now let alone if Trump wins reelection. The United States is leading the way with the most coronavirus deaths.

A Federal non-response causes most of these deaths. Trump has left the work to the states and has moved on to more important things like sending in Federal employees from The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs (ICE) to abduct people off the streets with unmarked cars.

Louis Dejoy is assaulting the United States Postal Service, and there is a good chance the US elections will be chaotic and uncertain.

Golfing is taking precedence over a national crisis while coronavirus deaths hover above one thousand per day.

Socialists, Oh My!

It’s always grating to hear people say that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Bernie is not a socialist by worldwide political leaning standards. Bernie Sanders leans slightly left and favors libertarian values over authoritarian values.

This chart illustrates roughly where Sanders fits vs. Communism. It’s ridiculous to say that Sanders is a communist. It is a misleading statement and Michael Matt calls Sanders a communist with conviction.

As we continue, remember how many boogeymen people like Michael Matt have created.

George Soros, Bill Gates, Antifa, Globalists, Transgender People, and most people with a pulse.

War on Globalism

It’s like the war on terror only global.

Donald J. Trump visited the United Nations in November of 2019 and declared war on globalism.

Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

Donald J. Trump

Unless you’re a nationalist, like Trump, you would never say this sentence. It’s not necessary to vocalize the fact that countries put their interest before the rest of the world. Countries do what they can to survive, just like humans; putting a spotlight on a protectionist agenda is counter to a beneficial diplomatic policy.

The United States will not benefit from being at war with the rest of the world. In essence, this is what the Trump administration has told other countries.

We don’t need you, and you are all fools for falling for the globalist agenda.

Imagine a world where you told your friends they are fools, then imagine you told them they have a malignant agenda. It won’t take much to imagine those friends removing you from their life. If the United States is lucky, our friends will forgive us for electing the worst U.S. president in the twenty-first century and a large part of the twentieth.

Aborted Babies

Michael Matt continues with a ludicrous claim that globalists don’t care about older adults and babies. He continues by saying that they want them aborted so they can save the common home. I’m not even sure what that means, can someone translate crazy?

The globalist boogeyman is coming to get Grandma.

You remember how some of them like Cuomo and characters like this were running COVID recovering patients through nursing homes that’s how they care about grandma

Michael Matt

Playing the Grandma card with an intent to manipulate is not a Christian value.

Globalists, the Economy, and Masks

It’s the oldest trick in the fascist playbook. In this case, it’s not the Jews but the globalists that are coming for your bank account and your livelihood. If Michael can convert Grandma and get her to vote for Trump he wins, and US citizens lose.

According to Michael, the globalists want to treat us like animals in a zoo, and we should go to work to fight back. We should risk our lives during a pandemic to stick it to the globalists. We should take off our masks if we’re healthy and go to school, and for heaven’s sake, go to church and pray that Trump wins in November.

QAnon goes hand in hand with Michael’s rhetoric. It’s a cult that is a natural extension of the anti-globalist agenda that Trump continues to push. These conspiracies are confusing and packed with intricate plots with zero factual evidence. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds with these plots, yet sane people ignore it at their peril.

Ominous Music

Michael goes on a rant about the globalists that hate God, hate the unborn, hate the traditional family, hate you, and hate Donald Trump. The globalists are also responsible for all the riots and are the people taking down monuments built in the past to honor known racists and slave owners.

Ominous music starts playing, and it sounds like the background music from a post-apocalyptic movie. Michael speaks of the United States falling with The New World Order and provides an ultimatum that there is no other choice but to vote for Trump.


We are at odds with Grandma and Grandpa, who will vote for Trump at any cost and disregard his many sinful actions.

Conspiracy theories, religion, blind allegiance, lies, protectionist policies, and nationalist aspirations are being propped up by fantastic views of evil at every doorstep ready to creep in to take Grandma away so she can submit to the globalist agenda.

We’re not merely fighting for the soul of the United States; we are fighting for its sanity.

Now is the time to unite against fear, hatred, and blind allegiance. Now is the time to save the republic.