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Fascism, another warning to follow up with my previous warning.

The Republican National Convention is underway, and the footage is striking. It’s striking in all the wrong ways. It’s like a punch to the face and a frying pan to the mouth. Here’s a sneak preview of the stunning footage from Nazi Germany.

In the following footage, I present a video of Nazi Germany in full color. Enjoy the plethora of flags strewn everywhere, stay for the disturbing YouTube comments. Yes, there have been a lot of flag-waving moments before this, but c’mon when will we take the signs seriously?

It’s striking how many flags there are in this footage. If you compare it with the first video, it is uncanny how similar they are.

We’re still in the Nationalist phase of our descent to fascism. We still have time to do something about this threat to the future of our nation. We at least are seeing the warnings daily, on live television, and with a million cameras fixed upon the truth. Hopefully, that will be enough to save us from ourselves.

It won’t hurt to pay close attention to the warnings that have been around since November 2016. Trump is an unapologetic Nationalist, and a minority of our population elected him. We are giving the hate, lies, and division a platform by continuing to allow him to control the American narrative. It’s time we take back the story and send Trump packing for the rest of his life.

Save The Republic

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