Month: September 2020


Fascism, a Reality

Fascism is becoming a reality as I write these words. Much of the rhetoric from many Trump supporters is the language of an Ultranationalist. I never thought I would have to learn that word in my lifetime. Honestly, I had no idea this word existed until today. To: Trump Supporters If you are a Trump…
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that’s not hyperbole. However, it is chock full of religious dogma. It’s a pithy observation packed with meaning; it is better to phrase this truth without the religious dogma. Life is suffering, we’re all part of this life whether we believe in hell or not.…
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We cannot vote third party

We cannot vote third party; I wish that we had the luxury to vote third party in the upcoming election. I would much rather abstain from this election. Unfortunately, the system is rigged for either a Republican or Democratic candidate to win and no other parties have a chance. If we implemented a ranked-choice voting…
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I’m tired

I’m tired of hearing rants like this one and others from people that take no responsibility at all. I ran across this rant today, which sounds reasonable if you’re a complete asshole. The following is a rebuttal to this rant filled with misconceptions and selfishness. And I quote this bitter old man… I need to…
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Left vs Right

Left vs. Right, it’s on the lips of most U.S. citizens. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I’m a concerned citizen, and here are some of my observations about divisive politics in The United States of America. Discussions Many people live on Twitter these days. It’s not difficult to see the birds-eye view of…
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