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Half-mast for the Republican Party

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Half-mast for the Republican party is well in order. It has been a long time coming, and we witnessed its death on September 29th, 2020. Republicans will be hard-pressed to recover from Trump’s representation of the party as a racist, lying, fear stirring, and a combative party of disgusting behavior.

The flag is set to half-mast in the United States upon the death of principal figures of the United States government. The Republican party has been a fixture in American politics since 1854 and up until Trump took it hostage in 2016. The Republican party will not run on fear, hatred, lies, and division a second time. The population of the United States is trending away from having a white majority and a large contingent of religious zealotry that will vote for them.

In no way will it be a sound strategy to use a racist agenda, like Trump has, to bring the Republican party back to power in The Whitehouse. The number of Christians in the United States is on the decline, and this will not bode well for Trump’s broken strategy.

One of Trump’s few prominent black supporters, Tim Scott, believes that he misspoke when he did not condemn The Proud Boys but instead told them to “Stand back, and stand by.”. What Trump said was clear, he wants to keep the racist voters coming to the polls for him.

Republican Principles

The Republican party posts its platform on the website. The principles are a far cry from what the Republican party is today. It is the absolute opposite of what claims to hold as values in many ways.

Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient

In the debate, Trump bragged and took credit for seating 300 federal judges. In what world is a mad dash to fill the judiciary branch applied to the value of smaller government? The truth is that representation in our Federal government is too small. The Supreme Court justices have too much power; one person can decide the fate of millions of people for decades to come. We might as well put crowns on the heads of every supreme court justice to match the power they wield.

Fiscal Conservatism

Once upon a time, the Republican party stood for fiscal responsibility. Today the Republican party has signed the United States up for $4.7 trillion in debt between 2017-2029. In no way does this act fit into anything near fiscal responsibility. It’s worth noting that the Tax Act passed in 2017 by the Trump administration was a blatant redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich.

I paid more in taxes since Trump’s election thanks to the removal of tax breaks provided to lessen the blow of state taxes. The only fiscal policies the Republican party supports are tax breaks on the rich.

In the current incarnation of the GOP website, fiscal responsibility is not front and center within the Republican party’s platform policies. If you search that page, you’ll find nothing mentioned about fiscal or accountability or responsibility. When some Republicans talk about fiscal responsibility, it is all hot air and no concrete action.

Health care decisions should be made by us and our doctors

Donald J. Trump is attempting to ram an appointment of a fundamentalist Christian that will overturn Roe v. Wade faster than you can say abortion. Appointing a judge who supports taking away a woman’s right to choose does not align with this value.

The proclamation of this value on their platform must be a form of Republican doublespeak. I can only assume that the Grand Old Party believes that Republicans (us) and their doctors should make health care decisions for women.

We know that Amy Coney Barrett is a liar, a religious extremists, and allows the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to pay for an extremist agenda alongside her.

Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to women’s rights and would vote to eliminate the Affordable Care Act.

Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld

If this were a value, the Republican party believes Trump would not be in office right now. Donald J. Trump has broken many laws of the Constitution. Trump has been violating the Constitution by way of the emoluments clause since day one. How, in any universe, is the Republican abiding by their value when they allow Trump to continue stealing from the public. Every time Trump goes golfing at his resort, he is transferring your wealth into his pockets.

The Republicans do not value the Constitution or the rule of law.

The Party of NO Principles

I could blather on and on about the numerous ways the Republican party allows Trump to violate their proclaimed values. Every citizen with a brain can easily use their critical thinking skills to realize that the Republican party is lost. The principles of the Grand Old Party have been buried in scandal after scandal and lie after lie. It would take an act of God to resurrect it after Biden and Harris win this election in November.