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Drain The Swamp?

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Drain the swamp is a catchphrase directed at the special interest boogeyman that intends to destroy the lives of U.S. citizens. In 2016 Donald J. Trump made a closing argument that the American people can save themselves from The Swamp by voting for him. It was a compelling argument coming from an outsider that appeared to have signed up for the President’s job out of the kindness of his own heart.

Why would a man who is already rich as sin choose to put your interests above his and become a public servant? Why indeed.

Money To Be Made 🤑

In the United States, there was a tradition whereby Presidents remove themselves from their business ventures to prevent any conflicts of interest. Trump has shattered those traditions by consistently fusing his business interests with those of the government.

Trump has consistently lied throughout his Presidency, including lying about losing more money than he has by being President. In fact, most of his losses are tied to the coronavirus pandemic, for which he takes no responsibility. While taking no responsibility at all, he lied about the volume of swine flu testing during Obama & Biden’s term.

Trump rolled the dice, hoping that being President would enrich his empire. It hasn’t worked out as planned and has been a disaster for him despite working hard to funnel taxpayer money into his properties.

Trump still has not released his tax returns while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have released theirs. The New York Times has reported that Trump has incurred chronic losses and decades of tax avoidance. Trump has cried fake news as a way to shield his political interests from the truth. Trump paid $750 in taxes the year he won the Presidential election in 2016. Trump has done everything in his power to avoid paying taxes rather than contribute to the betterment and financial stability of the government.

I get it, nobody likes death or taxes, but taxes enable our society to function. Without taxes, our roads and bridges crumble, our military will become obsolete, and our education will decline across the country. It’s common sense, and it doesn’t require a superpower to understand that taxes are essential. Until we remove the corrupt politicians from office, our tax dollars will continue enriching already rich lobbyists and politicians’ pockets.

If you want a more equitable and efficient system, please refrain from voting for politicians funded by big pharma or other corrupt industries. Republicans and Democrats have a mainline of funding from the most corrupt industries that stand to gain money by having politicians in their pockets.

Very Special Interests ©

The United States used to be in the top twenty least corrupt countries in 2018. I shudder to think how far we will sink if Trump is reelected. How can anyone justify voting for a President that has accelerated corruption?

Trump’s cabinet has been changed more than his underwear. The Brookings Institution is tracking the turnover, and as of October 7th, he is in the lead with turnover based on recent history.

The Fake News 🎭

The epicenter of fake news is Donald J. Trump. Trump was creating fake news well before he became President. Trump has admitted that he discredits the press to discredit and demean it, so nobody will believe what they say. This is a full-scale admission that he is engaged in a misinformation campaign of epic proportions.

When Trump was asked why he attacks the Press by Lesley Stahl he had this to say.

I do it to discredit you all and to demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.

Donald J. Trump

Christian Brainwashing ✝

Right-wing groups like The Remnant, run by Micheal Matt, have seized the minds of God-fearing Christians. Some Christians have seized upon the idea that Donald Trump is heaven-sent to save them and America, while secretly mocking them.

In the eighties, Christians had control of the popular narrative and used fear to compel people to vote for Republican candidates. Many Christians would say that if American turns away from God, the country will lose favor with God, and he will smite America’s people. It was the drum that was beaten regularly across the country. It worked then, and it’s working now to a large degree. Somewhere between 16-86% of voting evangelicals pulled the lever for Trump.

Many Christians live in fear of God; it is the normal posture of a good Christian in most circles. Many of them believe that Trump is here to save our country from the forces of evil. It’s not a new narrative, and it’s a highly effective tool used to brainwash Christian voters.

Higher American Standards 🚽

In the United States, we arguably have it better than a large portion of the world. As previously mentioned, we are ranked Corruption Perceptions Index Rank with Populations per Wikipedia – October 2020

Denmark – 5,825,337
New Zealand – 5,093,557
Finland – 5,503,335
Singapore – 5,685,807
Sweden – 10,367,232
Switzerland – 8,632,703
Norway – 5,374,807
Netherlands – 17,522,081
Germany – 83,122,889
Luxembourg – 626,108
Iceland – 366,700
Australia – 25,684,561
Austria – 8,915,382
Canada – 38,216,542
United Kingdom – 66,796,807
Hong Kong – 7,509,200
Belgium – 11,535,652
Estonia – 1,328,976
Ireland – 4,977,400
Japan – 125,880,000
United Arab Emirates – 9,366,829
Uruguay – 3,530,912
France – 67,132,000

United States of America – 330,516,243 24 out of 198 countries which isn’t horrible when you consider the size of our population. Our systems of government work well when we realize we are the government. When we set our standards high and don’t settle for second best, we are at our best as a country.

Americans are competitive. We are amazing leaders, members of teams, scientists, doctors, and so much more. We have big hearts, and we love passionately, our art is inspiring and beautiful, and we are good people as a whole.

We have let our government tell us that it is the boss when the reverse is true. Our Congress, our laws, our law enforcement officers, and other public servants belong to ALL OF US.

We are not a people to be ruled, it’s high time we start acting like it.

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Please enjoy an endorsement from Sam Elliot for Joe Biden.