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When someone lies to you, how does it feel? Do you feel betrayed? Does it make you lose respect for the person that lied to you?

Have you ever been lied to by a business? Was the product packaging misleading? Did you get scammed? Did you buy another product from a company that lied to you?

Would you support someone that lies to you every day?

Lying Politicians

Americans have become complicit in the steady corruption of political systems within the United States. We have decided that it’s normal for politicians to lie. Many of us vote for people that lie regularly. If a lie helps a politician’s case against their opponent, it is considered fair game by many.

A politician can’t be truthful 100% of the time; after all, every human lies from time to time. However, when a President is lying every day, and people still support him, we know corruption is rampant.

People are dying thanks to the incessant and dangerous lies. It’s not difficult to see the serious repercussions of having a pathological liar in The Whitehouse.

Winner Takes All

When a party can push through a supreme court nomination in one month yet cannot bring relief to millions of suffering Americans, you know that corruption is a systemic problem.

The Republican party has pushed partisan politics to the point of absurdity. The party has left anyone that opposes them with no other option than to take all power away from them. Scorched earth tactics are the only tactics left in the Republican party’s playbook. The only option is for Democrats to use scorched earth tactics as well.

Most people in congress are part of the corrupt system and contribute to it regularly. The chances of the wolves guarding The Whitehouse giving up any of their power are worse than Las Vegas odds. The winners own our country, and the winners will never share their spoils.

If Americans don’t wake up to the reality of rampant corruption, we are finished. The winners will lose along with everyone else if the United States collapses thanks to the Republican party’s political brinksmanship. These corrupt politicians will take themselves down with them if corruption continues to spread. It appears that this fact is lost on these extremists.

We Have Been Compromised

Our society has been hacked. A few unscrupulous people have learned that advertisements filled with scandalous lies and putrid hate are effective in a world where everyone believes that all media is fake news. Large pockets of people are being infected by this dangerous concept that has been promoted by the Republican party. The press has become an enemy of the people, according to Republican operatives and the Trump administration.

Many people, including outside of the Republican party, believe there are no reliable news sources. It’s indeed difficult to find facts, and sometimes it’s impossible, but there is a common truth. Websites like Ground News and numerous other websites provide facts with sources that can help people learn what’s real and fiction. It’s not impossible to find facts. People in power want you to be confused and aim to mislead you into voting for them based on lies. We are under assault by a coordinated psychological attack on our ability to reason.

Up is down, and down is up within the sphere of the Republican propaganda machine.

A New Hope

Life is beautiful, despite the ugliness that has invaded our homes. We will find a way around this nightmare. With time we will have tools at our disposal that will aid us in finding facts more efficiently. We will come up with clever ways to eliminate the threats to modern democracies. Younger politicians have fund raising campaigns that allow them to bypass corporate interests. As more people vote for freethinking politicians, the old guard will be supplanted by progressive and intelligent people that know we cannot continue with the status quo.

As with many other human advancements, the Internet has been corrupted. We have learned that the Internet is dangerous in the hands of the wrong people. The atomic bomb was created by scientists that were working to advance humankind, not destroy it. Eventually, we learned that nuclear bombs were too dangerous to use, as evidenced by most of the planet still being intact. We will learn how to mitigate this threat, just like we mitigated the threat of a nuclear winter. It may not seem like it now, but this too shall pass but not without the hard work of every citizen.

While all of this may be depressing let’s remember that we can change the system and we can save the republic. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

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