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I am not a Democrat or a Republican

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Groupthink is dangerous. When humans decide to think the same Bad Things Happen. ™️

In the United States, we are mostly extremists. It’s one of the reasons we fight extremists in other countries. We generally don’t like other extremists encroaching on our territory.

I noticed our extremist tendencies when I lived in Austria back in 2008. It’s as simple as looking at the shelves’ food choices in a Euro Spar VS a Safeway.

Euro SparWalmart
The lowest quality of food is not extremely unhealthy.The lowest quality of food will slowly kill you.
The highest quality of food is appropriately pricedThe highest quality food costs a fortune

Anyone with either eyes or ears can recognize extremism in food choices, sports, lifestyles, and thousands of other topics. The problem is that many U.S. citizens don’t realize they are extremists because they are so saturated in it. We live extremism; it is part of our moral discourse and part of our country’s beginning.


What I wrote in the last paragraph needs to be balanced because extremism can be a good thing. If we are extremely focused, nobody is complaining about that except our spouses. If we are extremely passionate about a subject, we can cultivate excitement for moonshot projects like actual Moon landings.

Why aren’t we excited about the prospect of a Mars shot instead of arguing about health care and abortion?

Balance is the key, and we don’t have it right now. The scales have tipped in the wrong direction, and we’re floundering while COVID-19 continues to lock down our society and kill indiscriminately.

People are killing people because they don’t want to wear a mask. Police are attacking citizens without a uniform, and people are cheering Federal agencies for joining in on the fun.

People need to wake up and smell the madness before it’s too late. We need to restore balance to public discourse and stop feeding the beast.

Corporate Personhood

Corporations are receiving special treatment during the pandemic. Small businesses are being forced to shut down while corporations are allowed to stay open next to them.

A movie company was allowed to put a restaurant across the street from a small business owner while the owner’s restaurant was forced to shut down. It’s a travesty, and meanwhile, American citizens fight to control the narrative for their side. We don’t have two sides; we have Americans and Americans.

While some of the video’s situations are likely a product of a flawed legal system, corporations are receiving preferential treatment, and that is a morally bankrupt situation.

If you’re paying attention, you know that corporations consistently receive huge kickbacks from government deals. The Cares Act provided 500 billion dollars to corporations.

We are owned by an elite group of rich people that are STEALING OUR MONEY.

We Are Not Enemies

The system is the enemy. We must change the system and return to a balanced system that works for the people, not rich corporations. Our job is to stop accepting the status quo. We cannot allow rich and powerful people to continue rigging the game in their favor. We must save the republic before it’s too late.