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How Does Mitch McConnell Get Elected?

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How does Mitch McConnell get elected when Kentucky’s quality of living is so low? We’ll explore some facts about why he’s bad for Kentucky, then explore reasons why he is still in office.

Who is Mitch?

If you’re not aware of who Mitch McConnell is here are some basic facts.

  • Republican Senator
  • Born February 20, 1942
  • Born in Alabama
  • The longest-serving senator in U.S. history
  • First elected on January 3rd, 2007
  • Religion: Baptist

If you’re interested in lesser-known facts and like reading about super villains, check out his Wikipedia page.


Mitch loves Kentucky ❤️, according to his wife anyway.

Usually, when you love someone, their life improves as a result. In the case of Mitch’s love that’s not true at all.


Our friends in Kentucky are not getting a great education, and young people are skipping it altogether. On top of that, teachers are walking out of class due to low pay. Does someone that loves you suppress you and lower your ability to improve your station in life?


Kentucky’s economy is tanking; I don’t envy what will happen next as the economy starts to contract. Kentucky is the 40th richest state in the nation. It is the 39th state in economic ratings from U.S. News. The facts aren’t looking so hot for Kentucky.

Health Care

Kentucky ranks 47th in citizen health. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to play a country in Civilization with that ranking. I would never be able to cover the map and take out my enemies if my citizens are on the verge of dying. It might have something to do with people doing meth in increasing numbers.

Why then is Mitch McConnell getting elected?

It could have something to do with voter suppression.

It could be the religious 52% of people that love his judicial appointments.

I think it’s mostly because he is effective at pushing Republican policies in a predominantly Republican state.

Here’s hoping the people in Kentucky ditch Mitch in the future and pick someone that actually cares about the United States of America.