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The Cult of Trump

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The cult of Trump is declining, as evidenced by the results of the 2020 Georgia runoff election. Republicans will inevitably turn on the cult now that it has cost them the Senate. It’s no longer a matter of if but when.

Back To The Fold

The Trump Cult will be studied for years to come while experts try to make sense of it all. Our government must address the real grievances that Trump cultists have with it. To make the right adjustments, it will need to know how to bring the cultists back into the fold.

It might seem like it’s impossible to do this now, but it’s not, and we can do it for the good of the country. It’s time to heal the gaping wound in the country now that it is starting to close.

A New Focus

Our first focus should be on getting the COVID-19 vaccine distributed across the country. Luckily, unlike Trump, Biden wants to use the Federal government’s full force to stamp out the virus. It will be interesting to see a return to normal in that respect. While I don’t condone Federal overreach, dealing with a pandemic that threatens national security is a critical responsibility of the Federal government. Even with an aspiring dictator fading from the picture, we still face a deadly serious crisis.

Our second focus should be to plug the holes in our system that Trump exploited. For the most part, the United States founders were honorable men, so they did not consider the idea that a malignant narcissist with no honor would be elected as President of the United States. I never thought that would happen either, along with at least eighty-one million people. Many of the norms in Congress are steeped in honor and tradition and not laws. Sadly, we have been pushed to assume the worst from here on out.

Our third focus should be to eliminate the Republican Party in its current incarnation. Principled Republican leaders, like Gabriel Sterling, need to stand up in large numbers and take their party back. The Republican Party of Lincoln deserves a comeback, and the Trump Republican Party deserves every setback.

Beyond all of those initiatives, we could do well with a vision that all Americans can get behind. We need another moonshot to carry us together on an inspirational path. We need real hope, not hope with just words; we need a reason to wake up in the morning with excited anticipation instead of existential dread.

We Are Americans

It can’t be said enough. We are Americans! We are all living on the same land from sea to shining sea. This land is our land. This land is not owned by oligarchs, not owned by business owners, not owned by politicians, and most certainly not owned by one cult of personality Donald J. Trump.

It is our duty to stand up and fight against tyranny. We, the people, stood up against the British’s tyranny as they were colonizing North America. We were underrepresented then, and we are damn sure underrepresented now. We are being oppressed by rich and powerful people that have insatiable greed that will never be satisfied.

Biden is still part of the establishment, and make no mistake; he must be held to account along with every politician in our Federal and State governments. Given that Biden is already considering a Dupont Chemical associate, with a defense of Dupont against the EPA, to be part of the EPA transition team. At the same time, Erin Brockovich called Biden out on the decision; we will need to stay vigilant and make noise when power is abused. It is our job to balance the power towards the people rather than centralized control. When there are imbalances, we need to roll up our sleeves and do our part to tip the scales in OUR favor.

With all the crazy happening in the world, it seems like we are powerless to do anything to stop the machine. Luckily, we are the machine, so we CAN stop it from steamrolling us by voting at the ballot box, voting with our dollars, and voting with our conscience. We can also stay informed and help inform others about the cold hard facts we are facing as a country.

I have been busy working with old friends and new friends to make our country good again. We are ready to make a difference and save the republic, are you?