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Morality Is

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Morality is on the decline in the United States of America. Evidenced by the Trump cult continuing to have a voice despite being morally corrupt. Evidenced by the Christian Right, worshiping people like Trump and getting behind corrupt leaders exhibit a complete lack of character. Evidenced by an acceptance of lies coming from leaders as they continue pushing false narratives. It’s a real shit show, and when people talk about a lack of principles and values, many people scoff at those who call people out on their shit.


Christians would have you believe that they are the arbiters of morality. In fact, many Christians enable immoral behavior by turning a blind eye to sinful behavior. Many will tell you that repenting is enough to clean a sinner’s moral balance sheet. Once you repent, you’re free to continue sinning, and you will be accepted back into the fold. It’s a joke, and it’s getting real old.

Rush Limbaugh was the voice of reason in a Christian world where anyone that does not behave like a conservative Christian is the real problem. Anyone that doesn’t think like a Christian doesn’t act like a Christian, and doesn’t pray like a Christian, is a sinner that will go to hell and burn for all eternity. Drink the kool-aid and join their cult; only then will you be saved from an eternity of torment. It’s a real peachy story meant to control the masses. It was formed after the Romans started losing control of the masses and after they murdered Jesus. Jesus was a good guy; there’s no way he could continue sowing unrest in the Roman Empire.

Christians, whether they believe it or not, are a big reason morality has declined. The acceptance of false narratives provides a solid bridge to QAnon conspiracy adherence, and it enables people to easily be sucked into the void and become a QAnon casualty.

The Truth

Too many people are willing to accept lies from leaders. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you align with; lies abound from all sides. Sure, politicians have always been liars, but liars used to pay the price. In the Clinton era, Clinton lying about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky was a big deal. Many people believed that what Clinton did on his own time was his business, as long as he did his job. Once he lied, all bets were off, and the impeachment pitted Democratic loyalists against Clinton alongside Republicans. Lying used to be a big deal.

Trump lied over 30,000 times as President. Let that sink in. How the hell could 75 million people vote for someone who likes so incessantly? It’s absurd, and everyone should know it. The morality of so many Americans is extremely questionable when upholding the truth no longer matters to them.

Here, in reality, Trump Republicans think everyone hates them, but really we feel sorry for them.

Dumb It Down

Idiocracy has become a documentary. Many people have disdain for people that can form a complete sentence. It’s as if they think that people that care about punctuation are the enemy and must be snubbed. Join any YouTube comment section, and you’ll see people attack someone that corrects spelling.

F U GRAMER NAZI, yes, in all caps, that’s what you’ll see coming from the anti-intellectual crowd.

If you can stomach the vitriol from loudmouthed Republicans like Sean Hannity and Marjorie Taylor Greene, you’ll see their deep disdain for intellectuals like Doctor Fauci. They hate him so much for knowing more than they do about EVERYTHING. It’s pathetic.

People of high moral character should be grateful that we have educated people ready to solve big problems. Many countries don’t have intellectuals who can step up and provide the guidance needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


Being responsible for your actions is a cornerstone of moral behavior. When you take responsibility for your behavior it benefits you and everyone else. It gives people clarity when interacting with you, and it’s simply the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, many people take zero responsibility for their own actions. Our hospitals are full of unhealthy people that haven’t taken responsibility for their own health. Instead of exercising and eating food that doesn’t kill people, they continue to let their health decline. Oftentimes the excuse is that cheap food isn’t healthy, and that’s mostly right, but there are ways to get creative. Ultimately, if someone is responsible, they will do the right thing and take care of themselves.


One of the biggest problems with morality in the United States is the allowances people give to morally bankrupt people. People shit on, cheat, attack, connive, and treat other people horribly. This is acceptable behavior between people in some circles, and it’s an atrocity. If an asshole treats someone horribly, they deserve to be exiled from the lives of the people they wronged indefinitely. More people should kick assholes to the curb and never look back.


On a brighter note, there are many moral people in the United States of America. Many of us want to do the right thing, and we want to live together in peace and harmony. We want to help our fellow Americans, and we want to pay taxes to help our tired poor.

Our country has a big beautiful heart that is fighting to stay alive. It wants to be the good guy while it knows it’s often the bad guy. It desperately wants to bring equality to everyone, and it’s not giving up on that dream.

The negative Nancies in the world with zero morals or values need to step aside while we save the republic. It’s high time to band together with all people that believe in truth, integrity, intelligence, and love. It’s time to marginalize the immoral and corrupt citizens and move on.