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Let's make America good again

Let’s Make Politics Boring Again

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Let’s make politics boring again and do away with the insanity. I remember a time when politics infrequently included two people with opposing views having a conversation. Fast forward to the current state of politics, and we see a world where everyone has gone mad.

Opposition Is Good

A single world view, without a counterbalance, is a recipe for societal decay. When humans decide to follow one cause at the expense of other fine causes, society suffers. What we get instead is extremism, like we see now in America, and everyone loses.

I enjoy a good debate with people that oppose my worldview. It’s an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to grow. Unfortunately, people have crawled under their shells and avoid political discussions like the plague. The extreme views embraced by large portions of Republicans and Democrats have pitted citizens against each other.

Not everything is an opposing force, and in the best of circumstances, a balance between two opposing forces is achieved. We risk our republic by allowing extremism to creep into our daily discourse. We alienate one another when we refuse to have an open debate and find common ground to discuss mutually beneficial solutions to big problems.

Big Problems

The United States of America is facing big problems that need bold solutions. Our infrastructure needs an update. We need to address the fact that automation and robotics will continue to replace manual labor jobs. Our environment is becoming more volatile and dangerous for government and businesses alike. Our children, and many adults are unable to afford healthcare or an education. Most of us will never be able to afford to invest in a home for ourselves. And last but no least, we’re still facing a possible civil war due to extremist views held by so called patriots.

Complaining about everything and sowing seeds of dissent, fear, and anger are not solutions to problems. Many members of congress are pointing fingers everywhere except at themselves.

We, the people, would benefit from electing people that don’t care about their ratings. We would do well to reject politicians that frequent Fox News or CNN with an intent to lie and attack Americans on all sides. Political outcomes will improve when we elect people who hold strong policy positions and propose well-crafted solutions to problems.

Turn The Page

We the people, are at an inflection point. We either keep spiraling into madness as the truth becomes harder and harder to find, or we let our rational side prevail, and we start sidelining the crackpots and despots.

It’s good that leaders like Liz Cheney and Stephen Richer are standing up against the despot. We need a lot more of that, and we need it now.

I invite you and everyone else with a rational mind to stand up and help save the republic. Our country needs you to speak out and stand for truth, justice, and the American way.

Staying silent is no longer an option.