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Why Is Supporting Trump Wrong?

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Why is supporting Trump wrong?

I’m not a Trump supporter, and I’m not a Biden supporter. However, Trump is someone I would never associate with in real life.

Trump’s political stances aren’t the reason why I happily disassociate with people that support Trump. In fact, I agree with some of his policies and think some are good for the economy.

I refuse to associate with people that do these things.

  1. Lie
  2. Cheat
  3. Steal
  4. Grift
  5. Divide People

I won’t support people that do ANY of those things in ANY situation. All of those things are fundamentally wrong, and people that do those things don’t deserve anyone’s support no matter what benefits they provide.

The backlash Trump supporters are experiencing from their friends, family, employers, Etc., is a direct result of supporting someone so fundamentally corrupt.

It is that simple in most situations. Trump is the wedge shoved between us, and he and the people who support and emulate him are causing the division.

Trump has convinced many of us that he and people like him will save the United States. But, unfortunately, people like him will destroy the United States if people don’t wake up to this truth.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

I’ve yet to argue with someone when I say that integrity is important. I’ve yet to hear anyone arguing against having integrity within earshot. It doesn’t happen, and there’s a good reason.

Integrity is a seed that makes people grow into good people. Any person that knows how to be a good person protects their integrity. It’s not complicated, but many people have compromised their integrity by supporting Trump and people like him. It’s simply not possible to avoid corrupting yourself while supporting corrupt people.


Corruption spreads like a virus. It takes root when a group of people no longer abide by the principles that bound them in the first place. For example, truth & justice were once core values in the United States. Unfortunately, over time people have discarded those values to gain power at any cost.

Common sense wasn’t always a superpower. As I grew up in the nineties, there were real consequences when people were caught in a lie. For example, Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. In the current era, politicians lie, cheat, and do anything they can to avoid being put on a witness stand. Then, when they finally are put on the witness stand, they lie to avoid any consequences. This happens all the time, and many people still support these assertive liars.

Corruption in the United States is ripe, and we Americans may be headed for another insurrection as a result.

The Way Out

Many people have tried to explain this, and many have failed. I may be counted amongst the failures, but I won’t stop trying. Integrity is a virtue in my family, and it always will be. The way out is for everyone to abide by their principles and values. We can’t say we believe in the value of truth while supporting Trump and Trump-like leaders.

We all know that Trump constantly lies. He lies to take advantage of every situation and to gain power. He uses lies to manipulate people so he can impose his will with the support of American citizens. Without the support of the people, Trump has no power.

When we stop supporting people that support corrupt people, they too will lose their power. It is up to us to save the republic.

We are our only hope.