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Abortion Clinics Near Me

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Abortion clinics near me is a common Google key phrase that people use. But, unfortunately, it’s also a question that won’t be satisfactorily answered for many women in the United States of America.

U.S. citizens have been in a fight between those that believe a woman has the right to choose when or if to have an abortion and those that believe the state has the right to choose. Unfortunately, this fight has been a constant distraction from critical debates about education and climate change. It’s also one of those fights that will continue as long as we fuel the fight.

Let It Go

Sometimes, and in the case of abortion rights, it is best to let it go. Laws don’t stop people from breaking them; they are strong suggestions. Abortion laws are highly ineffective, and they are also a form of government overreach.

A one size fits all law for every woman considering abortion is a gross violation of a woman’s fundamental rights. Abortion laws define the time and place in which a woman can make decisions about her own body. A body that nobody else in society owns and that nobody has a right to control.

Abortion laws should be removed from the legal system entirely. Decisions about if, when, or how to address a case where abortion is an option are between a medical professional as a consultant and a woman. Anything more than that is a violation of a woman’s fundamental right to choose what they do with their own body.

Within Reason

I believe that humans should be responsible for their actions. For example, when someone decides to have sex with someone, it’s up to them to use contraception to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, if an accidental pregnancy happens, people should take responsibility and make the right decision based on their principles and values.

When my wife and I had an unplanned pregnancy, we decided to keep our baby. My wife said she wasn’t going to have a child alone and that she wanted me to commit to being a father before she decided against abortion. Abortion was an option, and we had to weigh it together to come to a decision. No law enforcement was involved, though there might have been if we decided that having an abortion was the right decision.


The abortion debate rages on, despite it being a distraction. I suspect it will be a debate for centuries to come because humans love to be right. Being right isn’t saving any women or any babies. It’s mostly a feel-good moment for someone that won a culture battle. It’s not stopping abortions, and it’s not saving women from a dangerous pregnancy. It’s fanning the flames of division, and it’s making people blindly hate each other.

I hope that any women that find this article are not impeded from making the right decision for their own bodies.

For people that believe an unborn baby’s rights supersede a woman’s rights I hope you reconsider your beliefs. How would you feel if someone treated your body like a political football? Would you like being told you have no right to decide what to do with your body?