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United We Stand

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Here’s some positivity for a change.

I’m amazed by the increasing level of self-awareness my fellow U.S. citizens are participating in. As a collective, many of us are introspective about the atrocities committed against people, and we’re increasingly voicing the facts.

The history of the United States is not pretty. It’s full of rich people exploiting people, slavery, oppression, and other ugliness. It’s also a country that has moved with the times, fought for equality, and adapted to difficult situations.

I am hopeful about the future, even with all the negativity running through the Interwebs. I feel this is another evolution of our great country and that we, the people, will make progress towards a less ugly and more equitable future for all.

As we continue to gaze in the mirror, we’ll often see a scary reflection. We will also see the scars that brought us to a more equitable union.

Most of us have this strong conviction

We want to govern ourselves and not allow a single person or governing body to dictate our will. We believe in Democracy, and we demand the right to vote for our representatives.

Some may twist words and say we are not a democracy, and they are partially right as we are not a pure democracy, and for good reasons. We are a constitutional republic that uses democracy to choose our representatives. Twisting words doesn’t change that most of us choose leaders who choose equality.

When 70,52,770 more people voted for Biden over Trump, they voted for equality. Biden’s cabinet is significantly more diverse than Trump’s cabinet. It is a cabinet that more closely resembles the diversity of our nation.

Most of us want equality for all, and we believe diversity is a strength; let’s not forget that.
And while we’re at it, let’s save the republic.

TL;DR; U.S. citizens are increasingly introspective, and that’s a good thing. As more self-awareness spreads, we will become a more equitable nation because we want equality for all.