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Trump Supporters

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Trump supporters are a complex subject. My instinct is to rip into them for their childish behavior, but I will refrain from this approach. I’ve already written about why supporting Trump is wrong. I won’t go into that because anyone with morals knows he is an amoral person. If you’re a Trump supporter, follow along as I articulate the problems caused by your loyalty.


More than anything else, Donald’s intentional efforts to divide us have caused unprecedented unrest. Past Presidents have been divisive, but Trump is by a large margin the most divisive. Trump gets under our skin and compels us to pick up pitchforks.

Chart showing how polarizing presidents have been according to the authors' survey. The lower the value, the more polarizing the president. Trump is the only president on the chart below 2. The next most polarizing presidents are Lincoln, Pol, and Buchanan, all at 2.5 or less. The least polarizing presidents are Carter and Grant, both with rankings of 5.

As Trump supporters continue to give their power to him, he carries them off a cliff. Supporters adopt incompatible belief systems in the form of Trump’s extreme views. Once Trump supporters abandon any morals or principles, their ties with families, spouses, friends, and co-workers break.


Many Trump supporters hate people unlike them. Liberals are the enemy in their eyes, and owning the liberals is a cherished pastime.

Trump supporters have normalized hating the other over the past several years. Going all the way back to when Trump claimed Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen, we Americans have been subjected to his hate. Trump hates people that don’t support him, and he hates people that don’t think like him. His extremist views twist people up in knots and he relishes that fact. Like Mitch McConnell, he skips with glee when he owns those who oppose his worldview. This is all a game to him and his supporters, and if you’re not on the red team with a red hat you’re the enemy that must be defeated.

Hate corrupts a soul to the core and causes them to do physical harm to others. Hate disconnects us from our absolutely connected world and causes strife. Love always wins; hate never does.


Between Trump, QAnon, and Republican political affiliates, Trump supporters have lost their integrity. When Trump glossed over QAnon’s support for him, he caused countless heartbreaking stories to unfold. Ignoring the reality that QAnon is a dangerous cult is a dangerous game.

Republicans continue to lie about a stolen election. There will be another January 6th event if this continues, and America will have taken another sucker punch below its belt. Republicans are the biggest threat to the long-term viability of the United States of America.

Right-wing political pundits lie incessantly all day long on any media outlet that allows them. They cry foul when fact-checked while they continue to use lies to persuade people to vote against their interests.

I’m picking on Republicans because they are the most egregious offenders right now. Democratic leadership also lies, including Biden, and they too are a threat to our longevity. Furthermore, Trump supporters are exclusively Republican, and they continue to support the man that instigated an insurrection.


Nationalism, by definition, is selfish. Trump has shamelessly called himself a Nationalist. Adherence to Nationalism is a short step away from fascism. It doesn’t take much to push people from believing everyone is the enemy to rounding people up because they are a threat.

Being selfish is the opposite of Christian, yet many so-called Christians support Trump. They play the victim and believe the real reason they want you to hate Trump is that he is saving the world for them.

As a pandemic rages on, we see Trump supporters undermining scientists and conscientious politicians by spreading misinformation at a breakneck pace. As we approach 700,000 covid deaths, Trump-supporting politicians like Ron Desantis and Greg Abbot fight any attempts to curb the spread of COVID-19. People are dying thanks to people supporting Donald J. Trump.


Trump is delusional. Trump constantly lies about anything to make him and his supporters look good. Many Trump supporters find fake news articles to support the lies he spreads. This misinformation is killing people, causing civil unrest, and wearing America’s integrity reserve down to scraps.

Lying hurts people. It hurts your friend when you accept lies that trash their belief systems. When our family members lie to each other, it causes rifts that separate us. We lose trust in each other, and therefore the system. Our system of Government is us, so it comes as no surprise that we don’t trust the government.

Lying is amoral. It is hurtful and taints our integrity. Trump supporters continue to support the big lie that Trump won the election. We all know that isn’t true, no matter how much Trump wants it to be true. He lost, and thanks to his influence, we are all losing.

Moving On

I hope Trump supporters wake up from their fantasy. I hope everyone demands better from the people around them that support Trump. In the 2020 election and beyond, it is imperative to show the Republican party that we’re better than this. We must fight to save the republic until we move past the toxic world of division, hate, selfishness, and delusion.

There is a strong possibility that Donald Trump will be the clear frontrunner in the 2024 election. If you are registered to vote, please do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from taking control of our country’s narrative again. We cannot bear another four years of mental abuse.