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This blog consists of political opinions from a human navigating this complex world.

We won’t agree on everything, and that’s OK.

My opinions are subject to change based on new information.

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The Culture War

Why are we having a culture war in the early 2020s?

People are angry at a system that isn’t working for them on the left and the right.

Many personality cults have formed to rail against the system, contributing to the division.

We are at an all-time high level of nationwide self-reflection and denial. People don’t like seeing their dark side laid bare, so some bury their heads in the sand while others try to force change on everyone around them.

As a result, our society is all-in on the culture war, and here we are fighting on online forums because we feel powerless.

The Constitution

I believe the United States of America Constitution is the most well-crafted governing document in human history. It is irreplaceable, and many U.S. citizens have lost their minds having abandoned the core principles it exalts.

The constitution was always designed for change, yet many people are resistant to change. However, I believe it has become a holy document to the detriment of all citizens. We will continue to fight until we get over ourselves and change with the times.

Social Issues

I believe our legal systems govern too many social issues. People can typically come to an agreeable win-win situation if we think they can and hold each other accountable.

We don’t need the Government to arbitrate every single social issue. Let’s hold each other accountable, and work out our social problems like adults.


I wouldn’t say I like how the Government spends taxes in many cases. However, I believe taxes are a necessary burden for a healthy Government. I see countless inefficiencies in my interactions with Government lead entities. It is incredibly irritating that I’m funding operations run like a meeting with no plan and thousands of attendees. I wish to divert all my taxes to education and efficiency optimizations.


I believe religion should be absent from politics. The various separations of religion and state in the constitution are a moral imperative. Without the separation of religion from the daily affairs of governance, an unequal governance model is inevitable.

A large portion of power belongs{.ek-link} to the Christian wing of our Government. Politicians use religion to influence people to vote for them. I believe this behavior is a menace to society.

I support everyone’s right to practice their religion. You do you, and happy trails. However, I dislike people pushing their faith on me, primarily when they aim to wield power.


Political power is necessary. Without power, nothing of consequence will get done. If people of upright standing do not wield power, the wicked among us will horde it for themselves. Therefore, I must understand why and what I believe and then fight for it.


I haven’t given up on the idea that lies have consequences. I believe we, the people, must hold our leaders accountable when they lie. More often than not, honest people have more respect and power than liars.


I believe healthcare for all is a moral imperative. U.S. citizens shouldn’t go into debt thanks to unaffordable healthcare prices dictated by insurance companies and big pharma. Medical institutions must be held accountable for charging obscene amounts of money for EpiPens and other everyday healthcare needs.

Public health should not be a political concern beyond primary health care funded by our Government. I trust scientists and the recommendations of healthcare professionals informed by science and follow their guidance. And no, that does not make me a sheep. 🐑

The Government has no business dictating medical treatments concerning patients and their doctors.


I desire the maximum amount of liberty and justice for all. Let’s strive to put power in the hands of the people and then trust them to do the right thing.

Every citizen deserves equal treatment regardless of background or life circumstances. I believe this truth to be self-evident.

If exercising freedom causes physical harm to others, that’s not freedom; that’s a problem.

All businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone at their discretion unless it infringes on fundamental rights.


I believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Our privacy is infringed upon by businesses and the Government when it benefits them. This behavior is unacceptable when done covertly. Laws should include swift and punitive justice for entities that compromise our privacy.

I know that voluntary private information collected is helpful for improved security. The Government should ask citizens if they would like to allow the Government access to their data. They would likely find that many people don’t care about privacy and are willing to give it up. Let those people take risks, and the Government can reap the rewards.


I believe people can adapt and change. I know that political beliefs are subject to change and should be. Without change, society stagnates and becomes too homogeneous.

It’s not healthy to resist change to oppose it on principle.


I feel compelled to help save the republic. Our country will become more unhealthy if I am not well informed. My political choices align with the rule of law and my principles while questioning the humanity of every law.


Our country requires a significant push to implement ranked-choice voting in the United States. We need voter reform before it’s too late. Let’s start with mixed-member proportional representation voting & and an amendment to compel states to adopt it. Check out five simple ways to support ranked-choice voting to help save the republic