I’m angry. I’m tired of the double standards in our society. If you’re rich, if you’re a woman, if you’re a man, if you’re white, if you’re black, all of it.

Equality will never exist. It’s an aspiration; it’s an idea; it’s a desire. There is no finish line for equality. Once equality has emerged immediately afterward, it’s off-balance. We must spin plates to make an equitable society for everyone. Unfortunately, we are way off balance in many ways.

The United States is a bastion of equality compared to other countries. In numerous ways, it’s a horror show.

Let’s examine a few double standards in American society, shall we?

Gender Equality

Women were given the right to vote by men on June 4th, 1919, and could vote in 1920. A little over a fruitful lifetime ago, women were unable to vote. Many women owe the right to vote to their grandparents and great-grandparents. It wasn’t that long ago.

Women were given the right to vote by men.

I’m a man, and this fact makes me angry. Everyone deserves the right to vote, and that right is inalienable. Your voice is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, a man, transgender, or any other gender. It is YOUR RIGHT to vote and have a voice.

Here are a few double standards employed against women that boil my blood.

  • Men can be angry, like Kavanaugh.
  • If women show anger, heads explode.
  • Casual sexual activity is acceptable for men and taboo for women.
  • Men are paid more than women.

Reaching a general sense of equality for women is an uphill battle. Women STILL have a long way to obtain equal rights in the United States.

Racial Equality

Picking skin color is uncommonly a choice that people make. In most cases, selecting your skin color is a random event. It’s absurd to treat people differently based on their skin color.

Multiple human races do not exist; racism is a social construct; we are all part of the human race. Racism is an idea, and people believe it exists because like-minded people bought into it.

Racism is a horrible idea; it makes no sense; it’s pure unadulterated evil. Humans have NO GOOD REASON to treat each other differently based on the color of their skin.

Fiscal Equality

The last couple of weeks has been a lesson in understanding YOU’RE NOT IN THE CLUB!

Donald J. Trump received top-notch medical treatment and all of the fancy drugs you could need to beat the virus. It must be nice to be on a special list that allows you to receive millions of dollars worth of virus treatment for free.

We don’t need to look very far from Trump to see the salary of a CEO, which has grown 940% since 1978. It’s great that someone is flying the behemoth corporation swallowing up all the money from consumers but are they worth 1000 times what you are worth? How is that possible? Why are they the chosen ones?

Imbalanced Equality

It’s ridiculous that both Trump and Pence believe we should ignore inequality and that everything’s fine. We should sweep it under the rug and move on with our lives. If Trump and his supporters didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards.

The protests in Portland made it clear that Trump has declared an open season on U.S. citizens. Trump sent in Federal troops that grabbed people off the streets in unmarked vans.

Say that out loud, and let that chill through you.

If Trump is reelected, we can kiss our equality goodbye and say hello to Fascism.

I hope you’re ready to vote and ready to fight.

Please join us in our work to Save The Republic.