Matthew Cooke is correct about everything he says in this video.

There is no Left. I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll keep saying it. The Left has no seat at the political power table.

The super scary people that want to force everyone to share have no chance of gaining political power anytime soon. Not when the Democratic Party lets corrupt corporate lapdogs like Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema call the shots.

I want you to know that I love the United States of America. I will ALWAYS fight for a fair, equitable, and self-governed society that gives a fair shake to EVERY citizen. I will fight for your right to vote, and I’ll fight for a fair election. I’ll even fight for your right to be an asshole.

By the way

The election wasn’t stolen.

Move on!

Welcome To Reality

An irresponsible COVID-19 denier has GREATLY exasperated our biggest problems. Republicans aren’t suddenly off the hook for poor outcomes fueled by neglect and gross misconduct because they say so.

The United States of America is our land from sea to shining sea. Our country isn’t a political football tossed at the other side as we say, GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN SUCKERS! If any of us fail, we ALL FAIL. When did we stop believing we’re better off working together? Don’t Americans want to be the winning team? Who thinks we’ll win if we keep tripping our teammates at every opportunity?

The Republican Party Is Lost

The Republican Party isn’t a political party, and it’s a cult controlled by an avowed nationalist that incited an insurrection on January 6th. A consummate liar who lied several times before I finished writing this. If you pledge allegiance to a party that seeks to destroy our federal presidential constitutional republic, reconsider your allegiance.

The way forward is to create a new party that believes in compromise and will genuinely work to Make America Great Again.

Let’s be real; our country isn’t guaranteed, and it requires work to keep our freedom. Freedom isn’t free, and it never will be. Our country needs us to pay attention, stay awake, and soundly reject leadership with low integrity.

The Democratic Party Is Also Guilty

The Democratic Party is not innocent, and it continues to service a revolving door of corporate shills that work for themselves, their masters, and not us. Republicans don’t have a monopoly on corrupt leadership.

We must vote out low-integrity single-issue leaders that only care about fame and power. Politics isn’t a popularity contest; it’s serious business. Too many members of Congress are next-level clowns that have no business leading our country.

The Way Forward

When a new principled yet pragmatic political party strictly follows the constitution while having compassion for everyone emerges, sign me up. Pragmatic means a party that is amenable to change and even radical change if it serves everyone. I’m all in when they think big and invest in an automated superhighway across the entire country by having big tech pay it forward.

Let’s not forget.

Our country wants to be as inclusive as possible, or the equal rights amendments wouldn’t exist.


As the right might say in reverse; If you don’t believe in equality, you’re not American.

Join us as we save the republic with facts, reason, and science. It’s time to fight against lies, corruption, and malaise that plagues our country. We have more than enough critical problems to solve to keep us busy for decades.

It’s time to do the right thing and get to work.