The time is now

I don’t take any responsibility at all

I ran across this diatribe on social media, here are my viewpoints on this. Statements from the original poster are in red to represent the Republican and purple to represent my statements. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. My political views are my own and may overlap with common Democratic or Republican values,…
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Open Season

Iron Fists It’s open season on Freedom. We can only hope for a purple wave. We are living in a police state. Recorded on July 25th, 2020, in downtown Portland, this is what is happening in the United States. Navy vets, like Chris David, are beaten on the street for asking why fascists are being…
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Fascism, a warning

Citizens of the United States are living in a time where reason has taken a back seat, and facts have become the enemy. Luckily, other countries are fighting the good fight by sticking to the facts. I wish the figurehead in The Whitehouse in 2020 had a capacity for reason. Unfortunately, narcissists cannot employ logic…
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The System is Broken

The system is broken, we have a duty to fix it.

The United States of ME

Hello, citizens of the United States and citizens of other countries that have lost the plot. Why does a country exist if not to benefit the people that live in that country? The citizens of a country must obey the rules of the country in which they reside. The social and codified contracts that exist…
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Common sense is a superpower

I live in the United States. Things are getting weird here. What used to be a reasonable country that placed a high value on science, morals, and upstanding character has fallen into disarray. What happened? Why did the United States elevate stupidity as a virtue? I have a couple of theories. Humans are inherently lazy…
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Chaos 2020

Chaos 2020, where has the world gone?


We are not enemiesWe are co-pilots, in this worldWe have wings that make us fly Our struggles are sharedOur problems are oursWe must work togetherWe must prevail We are not powerless As some will say We are powerfulWe are strongerWe are one We are not enemies We are unitedWe will standWe will take our libertyWe…
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